18 questions for a courageous New Year!

29Dear Braves,

As the New Year approaches, why not embrace the theme of courage for the next 12 months and see what it brings you?

Here are 18 examples of questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I dare to eliminate my irritants?
2. Am I daring to respect my limits?
3. Do I dare to communicate my standards?
4. Am I daring to face my fears?
5. Do I dare to live in accordance with my values?
6. Am I daring enough to express my dissatisfaction?
7. Do I dare to have difficult conversations?
8. Do I dare to raise my hand to propose my ideas?
9. Do I dare to share my vulnerabilities?
10. Do I dare to say I love you?
11. Do I dare to ask others what they think of me, of my actions?
12. Do I dare to do things for the first time?
13. Do I dare to learn a new discipline?
14. Do I dare to contact this person whom I admire?
15. Do I dare to ask for help?
16. Do I dare to let go all over again?
17. Do I dare to choose the option that requires the most courage?
18. Am I daring to be brave today?

Do you have any other questions to add to this list? Share them with us!

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