Why Brave?

I decided to launch Brave to further my purpose, to inspire others to live full and satisfying lives.

I have the deep conviction that by taking courageous gestures, that by reaching the end of one’s dreams, one gets to a unique zone of well-being. That putting one by one the stones of the building of his or her life, one reaches the heights of enchantment.

It’s also my story. Without the gestures of courage that I put on my path, I know that I would not experience the happiness that I know today. I would surely still be dissatisfied, unable to express myself freely. Mostly unable to have the impact that I have around me and that makes me proud.

I have a sincere interest in the stories of others. I like discovering them and sharing them. Brave is precisely the discovery and sharing of stories of women who have guts.

To inspire. To incite. To help.


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